Media College in Bangalore

Our Vision is to create future-prepared worldwide youth who will improve society through their academic accomplishments; have the drive to exceed expectations and promote the prosperity of humankind by increasing human resource capital through quality and ability upgrading Education and Training. Thus IIMS Bangalore, India’s First Startup Media College in Bangalore, all startup courses have to be brought to the public for its success. Learn to love your Nation; you will never repent in life.

IIMS BANGALORE, India’s first startup media studies will guide our students for the new opportunities in start-up media and be an entrepreneur in media and entertainment industry.

Our Mission

To educate students in a broad range of practical skills and concepts involving the gathering, editing, and presentation of information, and prepare them for a career in entertainment, social and mass media studies.

Our initial project became a much more extensive assessment of our core values, with results that were outstanding in Startup media studies.

To provide the opportunity to the students and bring out their inherent talent via listen first and then lets creativity flow into amazing plans and design.

To establish Centres of excellence in the emerging areas of research and a great eye for design and a wonderful ability to visually communicate the qualities of the brand.

To offer Continuing education and Non-formal vocational education programmes that are beneficial to the society.

To establish state-of-the-art facilities and resources required to achieve excellence in teaching-learning and supplementary processes.

The end product becomes a Startup brand in the Media and Entertainment from the students of IIMS Bangalore and we needed to move our organization forward with a high-end reputation in Startup Media Studies


IIMS Bangalore is well impressed by the new program recommended by the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi of preparing entrepreneurs in the country under Startup India Program. “Already we have begun the activity,” said the Chairman of IIMS Bangalore, INDIA’S FIRST STARTUP MEDIA STUDIES.

We make it sure that the eco-framework been imagined and the motivating force been given as a part of this technique for Startup India will support a substantial number of young entrepreneurs in the nation to approach with inventive startups.

IIMS expects to sustain proficient communicators who can use media to engender messages broadly, quickly, and consistently to create anticipated implications in a substantial and various group of audience and impact them in an assortment of positive ways. The arranged educational modules instill a working society by being a part of the channels from the very first moment, subsequently making a gathering of employable expert communicators befitting media industry.