Our Vision

To develop future-ready global youth who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements; possess a drive to excel and Promote Prosperity of mankind by augmenting Human Resource Capital through Quality and skill enhancing Education & Training.

Our Mission

  • To educate students in a broad range of practical skills and concepts involving the gathering, editing and presentation of information, and prepare them for a career in entertainment, social and mass media studies.
  • To provide opportunity to the students and bring out their inherent talent
  • To establish Centres of excellence in the emerging areas of research
  • To offer Continuing education, and Non-formal vocational education programmes that are beneficial to the society
  • To establish state-of-the-art facilities and resources required to achieve excellence in teaching-learning, and supplementary processes.



IIMS intends to nurture professional communicators who can utilise media to propagate messages widely,rapidly, and continuously to produce projected meanings in large and diverse audience and influence them in a variety of positive ways.The planned curriculum inculcates a working culture by being a part of the channels from the day one,thereby creating a group of employable professional communicators befitting media industry.