Journalism Course in India

All students on the International Journalism Degree take modules in storytelling and online journalism before specializing in either print or broadcast journalism. There is a further option to specialize in online journalism. This choice informs your studies for the rest of the course through to the completion of a final project. There is a dissertation option for students who prefer a more academic route through the course. You are encouraged to join as an internship trainee in a media through-out the years of course.

Core modules – Journalism course in india

  • Principles of Communication
  • Global Comparative Media
  • Information Technology
  • History & Industry of Mass Communication
  • Mass Communication Concepts and Processes
  • Print Media & Photo Journalism
  • Reporting & Editing
  • Reporting Techniques & Skills
  • Editing: Concepts & Processes
  • Language Skills for the Desk:
  • Reporting & Editing Lab
  • TV Journalism & Program Formats
  • Television Production: Idea to Screen
  • Basics of Camera, Lights, and Sound
  • Advertising: Concepts & Principle
  • Press Laws & Media Ethics
  • Television Production Lab
  • Operation & Handling of Video Equipments
  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • Production
  • Ethics, Rule, and Standards
  • Global Journalism
  • Journalistic Storytelling
  • International News
  • International Online Journalism
  • Final/ Dissertation project.

Elective modules

  • Lifestyle Specialism
  • International Correspondence Specialism
  • Arts and Culture Specialism
  • Humanitarian Reporting Specialism
  • Finance and Business Specialism
  • Sports Specialism
  • Political Reporting Specialism
  • Entertainment Specialism
  • Reporting the Middle East
  • Security and Crime Specialism
  • Investigative Reporting Specialism
  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism.

Additional expertise

  • Still camera operation and aesthetics
  • Video camera operation and production techniques
  • Video editing software, aesthetics and final out
  • Graphic animation basics, creation and final out
  • Audio editing, dubbing and mixing
  • Anchoring and News Reading
  • Television program production basics
  • Documentary making basics
  • Short film making basics
  • Script writing basics
  • Ad film making basics
Journalism course in India
Journalism course in India

BA Journalism 3 year course in association with Bangalore University, the IIMS Bangalore the first media college in the garden city of India have our own well equipped studio, news reading & reporting room with all modern amenities.